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Which are the Best Cameras under 100 Dollars? | Best Cameras for the Money

Looking for a great camera on a budget?

best camera under 100 - canonIn the world of electronics, anything that sells for under $100 is either not worth buying or can be considered very cheap.

You can see the best selling digital cameras under a hundred dollars here

It is true that in some cases, the more you spend, the better the quality of the appliance you will get. That said, not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on digital cameras. If you want to buy your camera as a gift for young children or for older parents who just want something that is easy to use, there is nothing wrong with looking for the best cameras under $100.

There is something important to bear in mind when you are spending so little on your camera. The memory will be very limited and the camera lens will likely be average. That said, for most people, the most important thing is just being able to take pictures.

Popular manufacturers of digital cameras also offer entry-level products for less than $100. Here are a few to consider:

Nikon COOLPIX L26 16.1 MP Digital Camera

best camera under 100 - nikonNikon like many manufacturers of digital cameras know that someone who starts with a camera like the Coolpix L24 will likely decide to upgrade to a better version in the future.  This offering from Nikon is compact and looks nice and will appeal to those on a budget or those who are not quite sure where to start. You can buy this camera for around $100.


You will get all the standard features like a 5x zoom, 16.1 megapixels and the most important of any digital camera, an easy to use and point-and-shoot. Don’t expect to win any photography awards with this camera. That said, if you are very creative, you might be able to pull off something interesting.

Canon PowerShot A1400 16 MP Digital Camera

best camera under 100 - canonCanon is another brand that offers cameras under $100. The Powershot A1400 can be purchased for around $100 at most online retailers. You can get this camera in black and it has a 5x optical zoom with image stabilization, so not blurry or shaky images or movies.


It is a nice little camera for anyone who just wants a digital camera to play around with. You might lack all the advanced features of more expensive cameras but that is also not why this camera was designed. This is a no-frills offer that will get the job done.


Kodak EASYSHARE SPORT C123 12 MP Digital Camera

best camera under 100Kodak is the brand that has been around for such a long time. That is why some people will easily gravitate towards the name. The Easyshare Sport C123 is a nice and affordable camera for just over $100 but goes on sale occasionally for under a hundred.  It comes in grey, red, yellow and blue.


The Kodak EasyShare is designed to be used at any location where there is water. It can be at the beach or at the pool. It is a very simple camera and it comes in at a very interesting price of  around $85. If you enjoy playing water sports, buying a popular waterproof camera like from Kodak is a good option and you don’t have to worry about the kids dropping it in the pool.


When it comes to finding a decent digital camera at a reasonable price, there are a number of options.  These are some of the best and are a good place to start.  If you want more to choose from, go to Amazon.com by clicking here.