best travel camera - introPurchasing the best travel camera can sometimes be confusing because there are so many cameras available on the market. However, most of them incorporate many of the same features. Ideally, the best travel camera will be something that is compact in size so that it can be transported and carried around easily, yet it will still be able to produce high quality images at a moment’s notice.

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Below are four reviews of separate products that are widely available and are frequently used as travel cameras. You can use the reviews below to decide which particular model will work best for you.


Best Digital Camera for Low Light

best travel camera - nikonThe Nikon COOLPIX L820 digital camera is a 16 megapixel camera that is capable of producing both videos and still photos. The camera is digital so all the photos can be stored easily without having to worry about purchasing film.

This particular camera has excellent performance, even in dim lighting which is something that most travel cameras fail miserably at. Moreover, it has a 30X lens, allowing you to bring images up close even when you cannot get close to your subject matter.


Best Superzoom Camera to Buy

best travel camera - fujifilmThe Fujifilm FinePix S4200 is a digital camera which has many features that make an ideal choice for use as a travel camera. From a technological perspective, it is a 14 megapixel camera with a 24X lens.

It is extremely compact in size and is built on the idea of convenience, operating on four “AA” batteries. While the camera is extremely small and lightweight, it also comes with a shoulder strap so that you can experience the highest level of convenience.


Best Compact Camera to Buy

best travel camera - canonThe Canon PowerShot A2500 is a 16 megapixel digital camera with an outstanding LCD display. The best thing about this camera is that it produces high quality images, yet it is small enough to fit in your pocket. This makes it one of the premier travel camera options, because it is so small that it takes up virtually no room.

Its size does not dictate the quality of its images, however, so many people choose to use it because it offers the best of both worlds.  This Canon will give you decent pictures when you are on your vacation.


Best Travel Camera for the Money

best travel camera - kodak

The Kodak C1530 is a 14 megapixel digital camera with a 3X lens. This camera also has an image stabilizer which makes it a good choice for individuals who are not exceptionally skilled at photography, yet want to take images that are high in quality.

Moreover, this particular model is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with social media, and comes with all the necessary accessories to allow you to share your photos instantly on your favorite social media websites. This makes it one of the best purchase options available.



Purchasing the best travel camera does not have to be a grueling task. Instead, find a camera that has all the features that you are looking for which produces high quality images without taking up too much space. You don’t want a camera that is bulky or heavy, yet you want one that can consistently produce high quality images. By using the list above, you can find the camera that best suits your particular needs.


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