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What is the Best DSLR Camera | Best Cameras for the Money

best DSLR camera - introThe DSLR market is incredibly competitive right now, with every camera maker trying to get you to part with your money. This is great news for consumers as it means a vast arrange of technology suitable for every type of photographer, while prices are constantly being driven down.

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As there are so many out there to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is for you.  Even though they look similar they can be quite different in the workings and features.  Check out the cameras below to give you a starting point in your search.


Best Entry Level DSLR

best DSLR camera - 100DMaybe the best entry-level DSLR on the market is the Canon EOS 100D (SL1). There’s some beastly technology inside this surprisingly light model, but it’s all accessed through an extremely user-friendly UI that is aimed at those getting to grips with something more complex than their old compacts.

Features include an 18mp resolution, LCD touchscreen with vari-angle, ability to shoot HD video and a series of built-in filters and macros. When navigating these features, you’re co-piloted by Canon’s friendly user guide which helps you set up the perfect shot. An excellent choice for beginners.


Best DSLP to Buy

best DSLR camera - 60DThose looking to really push themselves can also find something from Canon. The Canon EOS 60D really pushes the envelope of what’s possible on a DSLR. For one thing, it’s a lot tougher than other models so you can get right into the action without risking damage. Inside you’ll find a highly responsive 18mp CMOS with an upper sensitivity of ISO 6400.

Manual focusing and light metering allow vast levels of control over the final image quality and, as you’d expect with Canon, it shoots excellent 1080p video. This is a real prosumer camera for the amateur who wants professional images and isn’t afraid to invest in a nice piece of kit. Worth buying right now if this is you, although if you wait until August you’ll be able to buy the much-improved 70D.


Best Single Lens Translucent Camera to Buy

best DSLR camera - sonyOffering something slightly different is Sony with the Sony Alpha A57. This is an SLT camera (Single Lens Translucent), which supports a quite excellent electronic viewfinder, making a neat alternative to the LCD screen, although the Alpha A57 is also backed up with a pretty good display.

Obviously, there’s support for Sony’s proprietary A-mount range of lenses, so if you’ve already invested in Sony technology then this would be the logical next progression. Even if you haven’t you’ll find this an excellent, adaptable camera that’s easy to use and upgrade while offering you a slightly different twist on the DSLR experience.


Top Rated DSLR on the Market

best DSLR camera - nikonThe three cameras above are excellent models that should suit all photographers, as long as they’ve got a good budget. If you don’t quite have the cash to stretch to those, you could do a lot worse than the Nikon D5100.  Consumers report that it has many features and is easy and fun to use.

The Expeed processing engine inside offers a really responsive camera and the UI is pretty intuitive. It’s not quite got the same image capturing power as the previous models, with a maximum 16mp resolution. But it does perform well, it’s got a great build quality and the price is significantly lower than some of its rivals. As with any technology, you’ll get better quality if you you make the financial investment up front. But if that’s not possible, the D5100 is a great way to get yourself into the DSLR world.


When it comes to the best DSLR camera, there are plenty to choose from as more companies are making a good camera at a decent price.  Read the reviews and check out the features to make sure it will do what you want it to do before you buy.


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