best camcorder to buy - introWhen trying to answer the question, “What is the best camcorder to buy?” there are certain considerations that one must make. The best camcorder to fit one person’s individual needs likely won’t be the ideal camcorder for the next person. Having said that, there are certain camcorders that stand above the rest, whether your criteria is quality, features, price, portability or something else altogether.

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As there a literally hundreds of video cameras to choose from, it can be time consuming finding the right one for you.  Here’s a small collection of some camcorders that stand above the rest, that are very highly reviewed, and offer great value for their price points.


Best Camcorder for the Money


best camcorder to buy - 260At the very top of our list of the best camcorders to buy is the Sony HDR-CX260V High Definition Handycam. This camcorder is packed with features that will appeal to both the novices and those with more experience. This is the 2012 model, which essentially means nothing more than the fact that you’re going to be saving a lot of money. This is a higher-end video camera, but still in a price range that’s attainable for anyone who’s serious or semi-serious about having a super high quality camera without having to break open their piggy bank.

A feature this camera has that lower end cameras lack is the built-in memory. With most cameras, you’ll have to buy additional storage since they won’t have any built in. It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it’s a really nice tough to not have to rush to the store right away to pick up an SD card before you can use your brand new camera. This Sony HDR-CX260V is able to film in full high-definition at 1080p at frame rates of up to 60fps, giving you fluid video and allowing you to better capture fast moving objects without blurt.

This camcorder packs a ton of great features, Sony didn’t take any short cuts. The 3inch touchscreen makes everything a breeze to control and ensure you’ll be able to capture the best possible videos to enjoy for years to come.


Best Camcorder with Night Vision

best camcorder to buy - canonHere’s another high-end consumer camcorder to consider. Like the Sony above, the Canon VIXIA HF M500 Full HD Camcorder also sports a 3 inch touch green and the ability to film in full HD. It doesn’t, however, include built in memory but it does have an SDXC card slot.

This camcorder is excellent for most consumer uses, however please note that if you’re looking to film wide views, you may want to upgrade to a wide angel lens, however this applies to most cameras, not just this one in particular. Under regular lighting conditions, image quality is excellent. This camera also performs well in low-light situations, however any pro will tell you that if you’re looking to film in low light – you’ll need to sort out some kind of lighting rig.

This camera does a great job even without a lighting rig, so unless you’re filming a Hollywood movie in the dark, you should be alright! The built-in mic does a great job of capturing ambient sounds, music, and voice. The vast majority of people who viewed this camera have given it five out of five stars, so you really can’t go wrong. One person even uses it to shoot footage for a local TV station!


Best Camcorder under $300


Sony DCR-SX45 Handycam CamcorderSony DCR-SX45 Handycam Camcorder. If the $500 price range of the last few camcorder have turned you off, this one right here may very well be your answer as to what is the best camcorder to buy. Coming in at under $250, this is an entry level camera but don’t let that fool you.

With 70x extended zoom, this camera has the strongest zoom out of any that we’ve featured so far. Granted, it’s digital zoom so it will show minor blurriness for certain objects when you’re zoomed all the way in, depending on their distance from the camera.

This camera, like the two above, also sports a 3 inch tough screen. The Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, which has been specifically designed for portable camcorders, helps you get the best quality out of this device. It’s not going to give you the absolute highest quality videos, but it’s perfect for soccer games, home movies, and school projects. It’s also light, and great for traveling.


Best Camcorder to Buy on a Budget


JVC 1.5-Megapixel 1080P High-Definition Everio Digital Video Camera (Blue) GZE200AUSJVC High-Definition Everio Digital Video Camera is a good budget camcorder. Since it’s only a fraction of the cost of the aforementioned cameras, you can’t expect the same quality out of this one, but it’s here to round off the list and provide an option to anyone who’s looking for something cheaper.

Using this JVC Everio video camcorder, you will still be able to capture video in full high-definition, but it does lack some of the other bells and whistles than the more expensive cameras have. If you’re not too worried about that, and don’t plan to use your camera all that much anyways, this one is not a bad choice.

If you are concerned about top-quality, and plan to use your camera more than once in a blue moon however, take a look higher up on this page and skip this one. It’s not a bad little camcorder, and it’s not quite in the same class as the $250 and $500 models.


In conclusion, there are a lot of cameras out there and answering the age old question of “Which is the best camcorder to buy?” can feel like a confusing task when you’re just getting started, but you’ll find all sorts of information and reviews online. Click here to take a look at the Camcorder section on Amazon to browse their entire catalog and choose the camera that best suits your needs.


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