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Trail Camera Reviews and Ratings | Best Cameras for the Money

best trail camera to buy - introIf you follow the popular trail camera reviews and ratings, then you probably know that there are at least four different trail camera models that stand out among the rest. However, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of specifications and features that you have to sort through to decide which device is the right choice for you. Fortunately, we have already done most of the work for you.

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In this guide, we will provide a quick overview of four individual trail cameras and briefly touch on each of their features so that the process of finding the right one becomes much easier for you.


Top Game Camera under $150

Moultrie M-990iThe Moultrie M-990i consistently receives high marks with on popular trail camera reviews and ratings. This is most likely due to the fact that it can capture 10-megapixel still images of the game in your area. There is also no glow on this camera, so the animals won’t even know that they’re near it. This is good, because it means they won’t be scared off.

You can set this camera up to operate in four different modes: as an infrared-triggered time-lapse plot camera, a plot camera by day or night, a motion detection camera at night, or simply as an HD video camera during the day or night. There is also a motion freeze function on this camera to make your images appear sharp and clear and not have to worry about blue appearing around your game shots.

The best trail camera reviews and ratings say that this camera captures excellent photos and videos without a problem. Users also say that they like the fact that you can put virtually any type of SD card into the unit to save your photos and videos to.


Best Game & Trail Cameras under $100

Browning BTC 2
Anyone who has been following the top trail camera reviews and ratings knows that the Browning BTC 2 is one of the most popular models on the market right now. This device captures 8-megapixel still images and HD video so that you can always track your favorite game and see exactly where they’re at.

Since the camera has a nice camouflage design, it blends in perfectly with the area where you place it, so animals won’t even know it’s there. There is also a 65-foot illumination, so you don’t have to worry about seeing nothing but blank pictures. The “zero blur” image capture function also helps maintain the overall image quality of the pictures taken by this camera. Finally, a time, date, temperature, and moon phase will be stamped on every image taken with this device so that you can track your game better.

Many of the best trail camera reviews and ratings on Amazon.com say that this camera is excellent because it doesn’t take any white out photos, and it captures 8-megapixel still photos with stunning clarity.


Best Trail Camera with Night Vision

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam

The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam is one of the top-performing cameras on the market, according to many popular trail camera reviews and ratings. In fact, this camera takes 8-megapixel still images and records video in 720p HD with audio so that you can see and hear what the game you’re tracking are doing throughout the day.

Even in total darkness, you can still capture amazing images thanks to the night vision function on this camera. There are exceptionally detailed GPS and time stamps on this camera, which include information like the temperature, moon phase, and more. The camera even regulates its sensitivity based on the temperature, so you can get more pictures of your game much more quickly than you would be able to with a standard camera.

According to many popular trail camera reviews and ratings, users of this device like how easy it is to operate, as well as the fact that it takes high-quality pictures during the day and at night. Users also like how easy it is to navigate through the various menus on the camera.


Best Infrared Panoramic Game Camera

Moultrie PANORAMIC 150If you have been reading the latest trail camera reviews and ratings, you more than likely know that the Moultrie PANORAMIC 150 is by far one of the best models on the market. This camera shoots 8-megapixel still images in a 150-degree panoramic mode, so you can see a much wider range of game than you ordinarily would be able to.

There are three different motion sensors on this camera, all splayed across the 150-degree angle. There are also 5 different operational modes on this camera, depending on how you want it to run. You can choose to have it shoot HD video by night and day, or you can use it as a plot camera under a wide variety of conditions. The unit runs on C-cell batteries, so you know that it is powerful enough to provide you with all the pictures and videos you need for quite a while.

Users who follow the top trail camera reviews and ratings say that they like the fact that this camera shoots in panoramic mode, as this gives them more photos and videos than they would ordinarily have. Users also like how quickly the camera captures videos and then saves them to your memory card.

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Have you been reading the popular trail camera reviews and ratings lately? If so, then you probably know that these are the top four trail camera models on the market. If you decide to invest in one of these models, you will be choosing a great camera that will provide you with several years of high-quality use and help you track a lot of game and make those big trophy hunts for a long time.