The Sony RX1 is the world’s very first full feature compact digital camera. It’s packed with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar 1.37 inch 24.3megapixel 35mm full frame sensor in a simple yet elegant compact body. This camera contains the technology and image quality comparable to larger DSLR cameras. However, it comes at half the price and in palm sized dimensions providing affordability and unparalleled portability.


  • The SonyRX1 has a Compact portable Body.
  • Uses an incredible 24-megapixel full-frame sensor.
  • Amazing ease of customization of function buttons.
  • Lightning Fast Autofocus.
  • An incredible Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f/2 T* lens.


  • Can get expensive due to the fact that all accessories are sold separately.
  • The video recording autofocus performs very slow.
  • The lack of a Continuous Auto Focus mode causes poor performance for most sports or action photography.
  • Compared to other compact portable cameras the Sony RX1 is expensive. But to be fair it will undoubtedly out perform its similar sized competition.


Sony RX1 side view

  • A 24MP 35mm full-frame Exmor sensor gives you portability and professional image quality. (This sensor is also used in Sony’s larger professional camera the SLT-A99)
  • The ZEISS® lens delivers a sophisticated fixed focal-length lens with a bright F2.0 maximum aperture; you get everything from candid street shots to studied nature compositions.
  • The BIONZ® image processor allows shooting of up to 5 fps. Its 14-bit RAW format conversion extends your ability to manipulate the shot later.
  • The 14-bit RAW output capability gives photographers the precise control necessary for lossless fine-tuning of contrast, exposure, saturation, white balance, and more.
  • A whopping 25600 I S O allows you to see it all with an OLED (XGA) Tru-Finder™ and a 100% field of view
  • Auto HDR mode (High Dynamic Range) combines the best detail from one shot, the best mid-tones from a second shot, and the best shadows from a third shot to create the perfect shot in a split second.
  • Comes with Capture One Express. This a free image editing software for Sony that provides high end image quality RAW development. It includes powerful editing tools, and facilitates easy file management.

How Much Does It Cost?

More expensive than its compact competition but fully loaded with tech and features that blow its competition out of the water, the Sony RX1 will currently run you around $2399.00.

All About the Sony RX1

Sony Rx1 Review Look and Feel

Compact and simple design with a leather-like grip on the right side of the camera body and a three-position focus mode switch on the right side of the camera body. On the back of the body the leather-like wrap stops creating a nice grip for your right thumb placed well to access most of the cameras controls with ease.

Tapping the small button to the right will begin video recording while the AEL, Fn, Menu, and Delete buttons are just to the left as well as a spin dial for navigating display settings and menus. To the left of the controls is the 2.95in Xtra fine TFT LCD screen.

On top of the camera are the easily accessible mode dial, exposure compensation dial, power button and shutter button. The lens itself is a 3-ring lens; the front ring for manual focusing, the second ring sets normal and macro modes, and the third ring is for aperture.

Sony RX1 Display

The Sony RX1 saves pictures as compact JPEG files and/or ultra-high quality RAW files. A RAW file contains the data directly off the sensor, free of camera color and detail processing, giving you maximum latitude to later enhance the image on your PC.

The large-diameter F2.0 Carl Zeiss® Sonnar® T* lens delivers both refined background defocusing, and macro capabilities. A multi-layered T* coating also dramatically reduces ghost and flare caused by light reflection
Peaking mode initiates precise manual focus highlighting parts of the image as they are in focus with one of three colors (white, red, or yellow). Assists in creating beautiful macro or portrait photography.

Nine aperture blades form a circle throughout the normally-used aperture range of F2 to F22. This results in background defocusing that is smooth and natural-looking.

Capture still images in either 3:2 or 16:9 aspect ratio. This provides the freedom to choose a ratio that matches the scene or specific shooting purpose.

Sony RX1 Performance

The Sony RX1 comes packed with a24.3 MP 1.37in sensor and a powerful BIONZ processor. It allows up to 5fps high-speed continuous shooting and 14 bit RAW image data recording.
With a high ISO of 25600 this camera has amazing low-light performance without flash.

Three focus modes; Autofocus, Manual Focus, and Sony’s Direct Manual Focus. DMF uses autofocusing to quickly focus on your subject, and then allows you to refine the focus point manually for precise adjustment.

External Flash Range ISO Auto: approx. 0.75 m to 21.7 m (approx. 2.5 feet to approx. 71.2 feet), ISO 25600: up to 43.4 m (142.4 feet)

For editing the Sony RX1 works with iMovie and Final Cut Pro X.

Sony RX1 Video Recording

The Sony RX1 Records full HD at up to 60p. It includes steady shot technology which reduces blur while recording video. It allows recording of up to 5 fps (in Speed Priority Continuous Shooting mode) for up to 110 minutes (continuously recording.) Up to 4x digital zoom is available, which can be adjusted before and during recording.

The camera has stereo audio recording via built-in microphones, additionally better quality external microphones can be purchased (as well as many other add on’s)

Sony RX1 Review Verdict

Concluding our Sony RX1 review we founds that although this camera seems pricey given accessories must be purchased separately and the quality of video and action shots is somewhat poor in comparison to what the camera can do otherwise that the price tag is far nicer than most comparable DSLR cameras.

It’s a very good performing camera equipped with great tech in a portable compact package. This makes it a fantastic camera for any traveler looking to capture perfect shots of their trips or for any beginning photographer.