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Nikon L830 Review – Features and Performance | Best Cameras for the Money

Super zoom cameras are becoming more popular in the amateur photography world due to their superior performance when compared to smartphone cameras. The Nikon L830 is an affordable point and shoot camera that features one of these new super zoom lens. The camera does not have a ton of features, making it ideal for a beginning or less experienced photographer. The Nikon L830 review below gives you a better idea of whether or not this camera fits your needs.


  • Easy to use for all levels of photography expertise;
  • Includes high-end features, such as the tilting high resolution LCD, without the high price;
  • High quality daylight quality for both photos and videos;
  • Has a 34x lens for extra zoom power.


  • Lacks an electronic viewfinder;
  • Autofocus slows down when zoomed in or when using the camera in low light or inside;
  • Imager is small at only 1/2.3 inches;
  • No WiFi capabilities;
  • Does not give you control over aperture or shutter speeds.


  • Optical glass lens includes a 34x zoom;
  • Contrast-detect auto focus with lock feature;
  • Monitor measures 3 inches on the diagonal and has six levels of brightness;
  • Up to 59 MB of internal memory;
  • Mechanical and CMOS electronic shutter;
  • Built-in flash with auto-flash controls;
  • 16 mega pixels with 1/2.3 inch sensor;
  • ISO sensitivity ranges from 125 to 1600;
  • Weighs 1 lb 2 oz.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The Nikon L830 currently costs $283.99 new but you can also find refurbished products for much less.

All About the Nikon L830

How It Looks and Feels

The Nikon L830 review begins with a look at its design and structure. Like most super zoom cameras, the Nikon L830 is bulky, measuring 4.4 inches wide, 3 inches high, and 3.6 inches deep, and weighing a little over a pound. Although the size of the camera prevents you from storing it in small pants pockets, you will be able to fit it in large coat pockets, a bag, or a purse.

The basic model comes in black, but if you want a more unique look you can choose a red or plum color for the body of the camera. The main feature of the structure of the camera is the 34x zoom lens. On the top of the camera are two stereo mics, a powerful pop-up flash, a shutter button, a speaker, and a toggle for the zoom lens.

The grip of the camera is relatively deep, making it comfortable for most people. The back of the camera features a textured thumb rest for added comfort.

How It Displays

On the back of the Nikon L830 is a LCD screen measuring 3 inches diagonally with 921 thousand dot resolution for a good viewing quality. Another plus of the LCD display is its ability to tilt vertically from 90 degrees up to 85 degrees down. This tilting feature makes it easier to view your subject when taking photos at both low and high angles. This is especially beneficial due to the lack of a viewfinder on the camera.

The one downside of the LCD display is its poor quality in strong sunlight. The sunlight causes reflections on the screen, making it hard to see what you are shooting. You do have the ability to adjust the brightness of the display, with six different settings.

How It Performs

In the Nikon L830 review of performance, it is clear that the camera is not meant for much more than point and shoot photography. The 16 megapixel 1/2.3 inch imager is small for sensor size, especially compared to other higher priced models. When you select the auto button on the camera, you only get four options: Smart Portrait, Auto, Special Effects with 11 different effects, and Scene with 18 different scenes. If you are in Auto mode, you can adjust the ISO, resolution, white balance, AF area mode, and color settings.

Due to the small size of the sensor, the ISO range is 125 to 3,200, which is ideal for the camera’s ability. Color accuracy and digital noise was really good at ISO 400, good at ISO 800, and spotty at anything above ISO 1,600.

The 34x zoom lens allows you to move quickly from wide angle shots to super zoomed in shots. One negative when zoomed all the way in is you can lose track of your subject easily, so it is important to hold the camera steady by using a tripod, monopod, or a wall. One of the best features of the lens is the Hybrid VR system, combining a lens shift with a reduction in electronic vibration.

The Nikon L830 is relatively fast for being powered by AA batteries. Once the camera is on, you can take your first shot within 1.2 seconds, and the time from shutter to photo capture is about 0.1 seconds in bright light and 0.3 seconds in low light.

Does It Record Video?

The Nikon L830 review of video quality reveals that there are a good amount of movie modes for shooting video, including a high-quality 1080p25 HD mode. However, if you are shooting video in low light, the video quality can be spotty with a lot of focus problems. However, the lens does not make sounds in video mode and sound is captured in stereo audio.

The Bottom Line

After a thorough Nikon L830 review, it is clear that the camera is ideal for amateur photographers who want an improvement over their smartphone cameras. Anyone who has handled a stronger camera loaded with features, will be disappointed by the point and shoot nature of this Nikon. However, as revealed in the Nikon L830 review, the camera features easy controls, a tilting LCD display, and a super zoom lens, making it a strong choice for the price.