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Digital Camera Reviews: Point and Shoot | Best Cameras for the Money

Digital Camera Reviews 2014 Point and ShootIf you have been reading the latest digital camera reviews 2014 point and shoot, you more than likely know that there are several models of cameras on the market that truly make the grade.

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In this guide, we will take a look at four of these models and the features they have to offer so that you can decide for yourself which one is the best choice for you.


Best Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot A2500The Canon PowerShot A2500 is consistently listed on the top digital camera reviews 2014 point and shoot. This camera captures stunning 16-megapixel still images and 720p HD videos with incredible resolution. You can operate this camera in ECO mode to reduce the overall power consumption, and you can utilize the powerful CMOS sensor for taking high-quality pictures in low or bright light situations.

Thanks to the 5x optical zoom on this camera, you can take close-up shots without difficulty. There is also a 28mm wide-angle lens for getting more subjects in your shot than you would ordinarily be able to. A digital image stabilizer also reduces camera shake so that your photos won’t appear blurry in any way. If you prefer to shoot in auto mode instead of manual mode, then you can use the Smart Auto mode on the camera to use one of the 32 predefined shooting scenarios to create quality, distortion-free images. You can also use one of the dedicated scene modes on the camera if you so choose.

Real reviewers on Amazon.com say that they like the Smart Auto mode on this camera, as it uses 32 different situations to determine which settings are best for the scene you are trying to capture. Users also like how small this camera is, as well as how easy it is to carry around with you.


Top Rated Camera under $300

Panasonic Lumix ZS20Anyone who follows the best digital camera reviews 2014 point and shoot more than likely knows that the Panasonic Lumix ZS20 is one of the best options on the market. This camera is available in black, silver, or white, and it captures 14.1-megapixel still images and full-1080p HD video. There is even a 20x optical zoom on this camera for taking high-quality close-up shots of faraway subjects.

The high-sensitivity CMOS sensor on this camera allows you to shoot stunning photos and videos in both bright and low light without distortions. If you choose to insert your camera’s memory card into a Viera TV or a DIGA Blu-Ray player, you can share photos via your favorite social media outlets in a matter of seconds.

Of course, playback over any standard HDTV is exceptionally easy with a connected HDMI cable. There are many different scene modes you can choose from when it comes to shooting with this camera. In fact, you can shoot in night mode, panorama mode and even more to get the stunning shot that you desire.

Amazon.com reviewers say that they like the 20x zoom on this camera, as this allows you to take stunning close-up shots that are better than what most cameras can produce. Users also like how well this particular camera works in low light situations.


Best Digital Camera for the Money

Sony DSCW830-BThe Sony DSCW830/B is one of the top-performing models on many digital camera reviews 2014 point and shoot. This is largely due to the fact that it captures 20-megapixel still images and 720p HD videos. There is also an 8x zoom on this camera for capturing outstanding close-up shots.

Active Mode image stabilization allows you to take photos while you are moving without worrying about the shots appearing blurry or distorted if the camera is shaking. The camera does exceptionally well in low light settings, and the sweep panorama mode helps you to create a stunning 360-degree shot that many other cameras simply do not permit. There is also an Intelligent Auto Mode on this camera, which essentially does all the work for you—shy of pushing the buttons, of course.

According to popular Amazon.com reviews, users like the 8x zoom on this camera, as this allows you to get closer to your subjects from a distance than you can with other cameras. Users also like how small and compact this unit is—perfect for putting into a bag or just carrying around with you.


Best Digital Camera under $100

Olympus VG-160If you follow the top digital camera reviews 2014 point and shoot, then you probably know that the Olympus VG-160 is easily one of the best models on the market. You can purchase this camera in black, orange, red, or silver, and you can take 14-megapixel still images with it. This camera also has a 5x optical zoom for capturing close-up shots, and it can record easy HD video.

You can use one of the special magic art filters that come inside this camera to make your shots come alive if you so choose, or you can use shadow adjustment technology to brighten up dark photos. You can also use the camera’s intelligent Auto mode that analyzes the scene you are trying to capture and then applies the settings it deems best based on several predefined shooting situations.

Users say that they like the size of this camera, as it is exceptionally easy to carry around with you. Users also like the HD video quality and the 5x optical zoom and overall image quality associated with this camera.

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Have you been following the top digital camera reviews point and shoot? If so, then you may want to consider investing in one of the above four models. Each of them has plenty of features designed to last for several years to come, and many of them take high-quality still images and videos that rival the quality of even several professional cameras currently out on the market.