In recent headlines, we’ve seen expensive phones from LG, Samsung, Huawei, just to mention a few, dominate the market. Truth be told, however, plenty of cheap phones with good cameras exist that don’t obliterate the standings of your bank account. In fact, many times you can find a dependable camera for under $300. Why splash extra for a fancy smartphone just to have a dependable mobile camera?

Best Cheap Phones with Good Cameras

Sony Xperia XA

photo taken with Sony Xperia XA

Every photo taken packs a punch loaded with crisp detail. Whether you snap pictures of up close-up baby pandas or of a distant vista or cliff, the Sony Experia XA takes pictures in crisp, clear detail that blows up on a bigger screen. Looking at the price, this phone will run you around $198. The tracking feature on this phone slaps a yellow box around moving and stationary objects for better control and keeping the pictures sharp and in focus.

Some of the reasons to go out and buy this camera include:

  • Five-inch borderless display.
  • The front facing camera lets you put everyone in the picture.
  • 0.15s for hybrid autofocus takes blur-free pictures.

Lenovo P2

photo taken with Lenovo P2, one of the best cheap phones with good cameras

On the back of the Lenovo P2, you can snap in-depth pictures with a 13-megapixel camera. It also has two-tone LED flash. You can own this phone for $169.99, a perfect choice for the budget-conscious consumer. For most amateur photographers, the Lenovo P2 sends you sharp and detailed pictures for perfect lighting conditions. When you enter Lenovo’s “Smart” auto mode, the camera does a superb job at setting the details in almost no time. Meanwhile, you have a clever Phase Detection Autofocus that locks onto the subject and does a perfect job of snapping a professional quality picture.

Here are some other reasons to choose the Lenovo P2:

  • Phab 2’s rear 13 MP f/ 2.0 camera.
  • 85 degree wide-angled lens.
  • Back and front camera.
  • Different camera settings to work with a variety of environments.

Moto G5 Plus

photo taken with Moto G5 Plus

On sale for $229, the Moto G5 Plus takes a dominating role as the “best in class” with its 12-megapixel rear camera. Competing with industry revolutionizing technology like the S7 Edge and the Galaxy S7, the Dual Pixel Autofocus technology sounds freaky close to the other two alternatives. A key difference between the Galaxy S7 Edge being the $516 price tag.

The Moto G5 Plus reveals itself as one of the most solid cheap phones with good cameras. You can also take Full HD 1080p footage in either 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second. At the same time, the G5 Plus captures video in 4K Ultra HD. The detail goes strong with great lighting and color reproduction accuracy.

Here are some reasons to choose the Moto G5 Plus:

  • Crisp and clear pictures full of detail.
  • Accurate image capturing under most conditions.
  • f/1.7 aperture.

Huawei P8 Lite

photo taken with Huawei P8 Lite

Ringing up at a sum total of $179.98, the Huawei P8 Lite features a five-inch HD IPS display. Have you ever known a perfect split-second moment where you had to access your camera at viper speeds to get the shot? Because of the Ultra Snapshot feature, you can access the camera even while set to locked mode. To access this mode, you only tap the lower volume button twice.

One of the cheapest phones with good cameras, the low light shots with the Huawei P8 might not offer angelic perfection, but the low price means you can’t expect everything for nothing. You can also switch over to video footage in Full HD. It becomes the go-to choice for those who want to make a simple home video with detail at a lower price.

Some of the other reasons to buy this phone include:

  • Multi-frame noise reduction.
  • Change the depth of field.
  • Solid build and lightweight.
  • HD photos.

Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus

The 16-megapixel camera makes Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus one of the best cheap phones with good cameras. The $189 price tag draws you in while providing you with a dependable camera for those extreme days outside. We have definitely taken two steps forward since the Swift 2 13-megapixel camera. The focus of this camera emphasizes up-close shots of wildlife, but it also handles rolling hills and tranquil landscapes. Trying to snap a faster and more elusive object like a running kid or pet? Normally, you can snap these pictures without much blur or negative effects on the camera.

Why should you buy the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus? Because of:

  • 13 mp rear camera.
  • Quad Core Snapdragon 410 processor.
  • 1280 x 720 hd resolution delivers detailed pictures.

Huawei Honor 6X

Entrance of Mount Wutong in Luohu District of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

The Honor 6X lasers in and focuses at the drop of a hat. You can expect to view some of the finer details in the final image. The built-in manual controls counter many of the shortcomings of the Huawei Honor 6X. What else makes this one of the most solid cheap phones with good cameras? Wide aperture mode hands out some of the most gorgeous photos taken from a phone, and it only costs $249.99.

Other reasons to buy this phone include:

  • Responsive touch technology.
  • Masterful engineering and design.
  • More filters and more memories to share.

Summing Up

Believe it or not, you can buy cheap phones with good cameras. Doing this lets you take stunning pictures while also having a tool that lets you communicate with friends and family. For the budget-conscious smartphone buyer, you want to maximize your dollars so that you can spend money in other areas. Whether you’re a hobbyist photographer or a seasoned pro, having one of these phones on hand can mean the difference between snapping a breathtaking photo from the top of a Greek volcano and missing the shot because you don’t have enough pixels.

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