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Best Waterproof Camera under $200 | Best Cameras for the Money

best waterproof camera under 200 - introWhile not optimized for underwater photography, a waterproof camera can be used for shooting under the waves. That’s not the main reason for purchasing a waterproof camera though.

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For the majority of photographers, it’s simply knowing that heavy rain or falling in a puddle isn’t going to kill your camera, and that you can take it on your outdoor adventures without worrying. It’s possible to get a deal on a waterproof digital camera, so let’s look at some of the models available for under $200.


Best underwater camera for the money

best waterproof camera under 200 - panasonicThe Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS25 is a fast, reliable piece of kit. Above the water, it shoots in 16mp with a 4x Optical Zoom, with a Mega OIS to help you take stable shots even when you’re walking, hiking or engaging in any other outdoor activity.

Panasonic have also built in a 25mm wide-angle lens to get those big panaorama shots, clearly marking this out as a camera intended for outdoor use. Underwater, this camera will still perform at up to 23ft submersion, which should be enough for anyone unless you’re actually travelling in a submarine. At around $150, this certainly can’t be outperformed in terms of price.

Reviewers say that it is easy to use and takes a nice clear picture.  Others have noted that there is a bit of a lag between photos so it may be hard to get everything in an action photo.


Best underwater camera for panoramic photos

best waterproof camera under 200 - sonyThere are a number of slightly superior cameras bobbing around just above the $200 mark, but Sony have produced an excellent budget model in the form of the Sony DSC-TF1/L .  At under $175 it’s slightly more expensive, although you can go as far as 33ft underwater with this model.

Spec-wise, it matches the Panasonic model with 16mp images, 4x Optical zoom and the Optical SteadyShot anti-shake mode. The Sony camera has a slightly tougher build though and offers the ability to take 360 degree panorama shots.

Consumers report that the camera is small and light weight, which means it fits nicely in your pocket or handbag.  They are also impressed on the quality of the images even though it is waterproof.


Best underwater camera with HD video

best waterproof camera under 200 - fujiThe Fujifilm FinePix XP60 is quite a bargain at about $175 although this is a much chunkier model than the others. That’s not a bad thing if you’re going to be putting it to the test of outdoors photography and the rugged sidegrips give you something to really hold on to. A nice feature here is the 28″ wide angle lens which seems to outperform Panasonic’s camera.

It can shoot video in full HD, unlike the previous cameras, but only functions underwater up to 20ft. Still, this is a really well-priced, rugged outdoor adventure camera that won’t let you down. It’s got great protection against dust, shock and other naturally occuring hazards as well, so it’s a great one for people who live life to the max.

People that have bought this have said that it works great for pictures and videos in the pool.  They also like the features that come with the camera like 3D and panoroma.


Best bargain underwater camera

best waterproof camera under 200 - aquaLooking for a real bargain? For about $75 you can pick up an Aqua 5500 waterproof camera comes with two screens to make it that little bit easier to take selfies with the front lens. Again, it’s 16mp with 4x Optical Zoom.  When you read the reviews, people either love or hate it.

Basically, it is a generic unbranded imitation of some of the more mainstream cameras, so there’s the usual risk with this type of product: the software runs slower, the image stabilisation is less reliable and there’s every chance that the whole thing will just fall to pieces after a few months. But if you’re happy to buy a semi-disposable digital camera for under a hundred bucks, you could do worse.


When you are looking to be able to take a decent picture while out in the rain or perhaps in the pool, you will want a waterproof camera.  These are all well reviewed and can take pictures underwater and therefore you will get decent photos above or below the water line.


Didn’t see the right camera for you?

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