Best video camera comboDo you like taking pictures and videos on a frequent basis? Do you sometimes find it difficult to alternate between taking pictures and videos without having to stop one function and start another? If so, then you may want to consider investing in a camera that also doubles as a video camera.

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In this guide, we will take a look at four different models that make the grade so that you can find the best video and camera combo on the market.


Best HD Camcorder under $300

Canon VIXIA HF R400The Canon VIXIA HF R400 may be the best video and camera combo for many reasons. To begin with, it captures videos in full-1080p, and it has a 53x advanced zoom with optical image stabilization to ensure that your photos and videos don’t end up looking distorted in any way. The unit also supports many different types of memory cards, so you can transfer files in whatever format is easiest for you.

Depending on the type of subject you are filming, you can choose to record in AVCHD or MP4, and you can also choose how many MBPS you want to record at, which controls the size of the file you are creating. While you are in the middle of shooting, you can also snap a still image of the subject in front of you, and then put these together for flawless results when you are all finished. Finally, you can use Smart AUTO mode so that the camera will detect the scene you are recording or photographing and apply the proper settings needed to create a beautiful picture or video.

Real reviewers on say that this may be the best video and camera combo because the auto focus is fast and the zoom is exceptionally long, which helps create a high-quality image or video. Users also like the full range of customization available inside the camera, as well as its capability to support an external microphone.


Top Camcorder under $200

Samsung F90If you are trying to find the best video and camera combo on the market, you may want to consider the Samsung F90. This camcorder is available in black or white, depending on what your preferences are, and it features a 52x optical zoom, so you can capture far-away subjects and make them appear close-up without experiencing any distortions.

You can record HD videos in 720p with this camera, and you can take 5-megapixel still images at the same time, so you don’t need to alternate between a photo and a video mode like you do on many current camcorders. There is a pre-loaded music library of four different classical tracks which you can apply to your footage for playback at a later time. You can choose to play back videos directly on the LCD screen or on your HDTV.

Finally, when you have the device connected to your computer’s USB port, you can simply press the “share” button on the camera and upload your videos to Facebook, YouTube, and other social networking sites. reviewers consider this to be the best video and camera combo on the market because it is lightweight, very small, and the controls are designed to be very user-friendly. Users also like the overall video and image quality achieved by this camera.


Best Small Camcorder to Buy

Panasonic V100KThe Panasonic V100K may prove to be the best video and camera combo for various reasons. To begin with, the unit features a 42x intelligent zoom and can capture videos in full-1080p HD. There will be no blurry edges or any distortions in your videos, even in low light situations, thanks to the intelligent zoom on the camera, which works to zoom in on your subject and then correct any distortions as they may appear.

On one full charge, you can operate the camera continuously for a little over 2 hours without fear of losing power. The 32.5mm lens allows you to get close to a large group without cutting anyone out of the photo or video, and you can capture 0.9-megapixel still images while shooting video or you can go back and cut one from part of your footage in playback mode. The Smart AUTO mode on the camera will automatically detect the scene you are shooting and adjust the settings accordingly to provide you with a crystal-clear recording without blurs.

According to popular reviews, users say that this is the best video and camera combo on the market. This is largely because of the built in image stabilizer and intelligent zoom function on the camera. Users also say that they like the fact that the camera records in full-1080p HD.


Best Camcorder for the Money

Sony HDR-CX260VAnyone searching for the best video and camera combo may want to consider the Sony HDR-CX260V. This powerful device can be purchased as just the camera itself, or in a version that includes a built-in projector. Both models shoot 8.9-megpixel still images and record videos in full-1080p HD, so you don’t have to worry about image and video clarity being a problem anymore.

Thanks to the 30x optical zoom on this camera, you can film or photograph far-away subjects with ease while making them appear close-up. You will save money on purchasing memory cards in the long run, because this camera comes with 16GB of memory already built-into it, which gives you up to 5 hours of recording time. There is also an optical image stabilization function to reduce camera shake, which in turn reduces the amount of blur in your images and videos that you take.

Users of this device consider it to be the best video and camera combo on the market because it records in full-1080p HD, and because of the photo mode on the camera. Users also like the fact that this camera has 16GB of memory built in, so they don’t have to buy any additional memory cards.

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In short, these models are all the top candidates in the running for the title of the best video and camera combo on the market.