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Best Underwater Video Camera | Best Cameras for the Money

best underwater video camera - introFew things look as beautiful as underwater footage. And few things are as difficult for the amateur photographer to shoot, so if you’re going to make movies beneath the waves, it’s important that you’ve got the right video camera.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of manufacturers who are producing excellent kit for the home user, so there’s nothing to stop you going all Jacques Cousteau on your next vacation.  Below are some of the best rated underwater camcorders to help you get started.


 Best Underwater Video Camera on the Market


GoPro Hero 3A really strong contender for the beginner is the GoPro Hero 3. This model is entry-level but is designed for all types of use, so it functions at up to 60ft and has been tested in heavy surf conditions. It’s also fully wearable as well as having rugged grips, so you can interact with the underwater environment in whatever way you choose.

A slight downside here is that the camera itself requires a little help in order to capture the best images: a seperately sold color filter is pretty much essential for this model. That said, it’s cheap, durable and will serve beginners very well.


 Best Underwater Camera with Video


Olympus TG-2For capturing video while snorkelling, your best bet might be a small compact waterproof camera. A great model in this field is the Olympus TG-2 which functions to a depth of 50ft and has excellent autofocus. The highly responsive CMOS is invaluable when you’re underwater and in general the whole camera provides a coherent and reliable experience that won’t let you down.

A separate housing is available as well, allowing you to dive even further and perform operations via remote. The obvious benefit is that this is a terrific camera that functions just as well above water, so it’s an all-purpose solution to getting all of your holiday videos and stills.


Best Underwater Camera for Action Pictures


best underwater video camera - roamUnderwater photography of any kind requires a lot of concentration and effort, and you may just want to focus on the diving. If so, it’s worth considering a headmounted camera. These cameras don’t offer any of the video texture available on the above models, but the ease of use is unbeatable. A really strong budget model here is the ContourROAM2 Handsfree HD  which shoots in full HD and can hold up to 32gb of footage.

The output is solid, and the price is terrific with the unit available for under $150. Best of all, you can strap it on and get busy with exploring the world beneath the waves. Enjoy!


When it comes to taking video underwater, there are a few decent options to choose from.  The above are a good selection of the various types that you may be looking to make your vacations and leisure time more enjoyable as these are some of the best waterproof camcorders on the market.


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