best pocket camcorder - panasonicLooking for a small camcorder?

There are a lot of pocket camcorders on the market these days. There’s the Flip brand camcorders, the Sony Bloggie line, and many more to choose from so we’ve put together this list of some of the best reviewed pocket camcorders that money can buy.

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What makes it the best pocket camcorder? Things like having the best value, good support, being easy to use, those all play a part. So, if you’re looking for a pocket camcorder, and you want to find the best pocket camcorder, this list will serve as a great place to start.



best pocket camcorder - sonyIt’s not reasonable to expect anything too amazing at such a low price point, but for the cost – the Sony Bloggie Touch definitely delivers. This thin, portable pocket camcorder is easy to keep with you while you’re on the go, and even easier to operate with a responsible touch screen and easy to use menus. One of the downsizes is that the zoom doesn’t work very well indoors, you’re likely to end up with a slightly grainy video if you’re using the 4x optical zoom inside.

Normally, it takes great videos inside, it just has a bit of trouble with the zoom. It’s worth noting that outdoors, the zoom works like a charm. The Sony Bloggie captures video in stunning 1080p, full high-definition so they’ll look great on any device for years to come. You can record up to four hours of video at a time, so there’s no worries about running out of space.



best pocket camcorder - flipThe Flip UltraHD brand of portable camcorders is synonymous with being able to easily and quickly take excellent videos in any number of different situations. It’s just shy of $400, which may seem on the pricier side but when you compare the quality next to pocket camcorders that are much less expensive, there’s just not a comparison, the Flip blows them out of the water.

You will be able to take video for up to 2 hours on a fully charged battery which gives you plenty of time to capture those special moments.  To keep things looking good, it takes up to 60 fps and has image stabilization technology to keep things smooth.  And finally, you can easily transfer your images with the flip out USB connector.



best pocket camcorder - samsungThe Samsung W190 is an entry level device, but it still stands tall about other devices in the same price range. First off, it’s worth mentioning that this particular pocket camcorder comes with a 4gb SD memory card. This is the same type of memory card you’ll use in many cameras, tablets and other devices so it’s not bad to have an extra one around either way.

Make no mistake, the quality isn’t as good as something like a Flip, but the price is also much lower to compensate. If you’re not looking to spend over a hundred dollars, this is probably the best pocket camcorder that you’re going to get – but don’t worry, it’s still pretty good!



best pocket camcorder - panasonicThe Panasonic HX-WA03 is waterproof, and it can shoot videos in full 1920x1080p high definition resolution. The water proof feature is effective up to 5 meters, so you won’t be going on any deep sea dives but you can definitely capture some action under the water!

The fold out, rotatable screen makes this feel more like a full sized digital camcorder, however the slick design allows it to easily fold up into your pocket. You can capture images using a high speed burst, and even grab single frames from a video.


So, Which Is The Best Pocket Camcorder?

It really comes down to your budget and which features matter most. If you need something water proof, take a close look at the Panasonic HW-WA2. If you don’t mind buying a used one, there are often some incredible savings to be had there. Follow the links above, and for the rest of our cameras, to read reviews from real customers, compare specs, and shop around for more options.

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