best handheld camcorder - introAre you trying to find the best handheld camcorder 2014? If so, then you may want to consider one of the four options that we are about to discuss in this guide.

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Each of these models has a unique array of features and record in high-definition, so you can rest assured that you are getting quality videos at a reasonable price.


Top Rated 1080p Video Camera 

best handheld camcorder - panasonicThe Panasonic V100M can easily be considered the best handheld camcorder 2014 for various reasons. To begin with, it features a 42x intelligent zoom that allows you to capture crystal-clear footage of far-away objects. The camera also captures HD videos in full 1080p, so there will be no distortions or blurs in your videos at all.

One of the best features associated with this camera is its 16GB of internal memory, which reduces the need to spend any additional money on extra memory cards. Of course, you can purchase higher GB memory cards if you so choose, but there’s no need to. The 32mm wide-angle lens helps you get closer to large groups so you can capture more of the scene, and the intelligent Auto function detects the kind of scene you are shooting, and then it applies the necessary settings that it needs in order to create a stunning video. Finally, when it comes time to play back your videos, you can choose to watch them directly through the LCD screen on the camera, or you can hook it up to an HDTV via an HDMI cable and view them that way.

Real reviewers on say that this is the best handheld camcorder 2014. This may be because users like the 16GB of internal memory, and the fact that you can also use a memory card in conjunction with the device if you so choose. Users also like the fact that you can plug the camera into your HDTV for easy playback.


Best Camcorder on the Market

best handheld camcorder - canonAnyone looking for the best handheld camcorder 2014 may want to consider the Canon VIXIA HF R400. This camcorder utilizes a 53x advanced zoom and has optical image stabilization, meaning that even if the camera starts shaking, you shouldn’t experience any blurs or distortions in your videos.

This camera records HD videos in full 1080p, and it can capture 3-megapixel still images. The image processor and CMOS sensor help you to take quality videos even in low light situations. You can choose the amount of megabytes per second that you record videos at, and the speed that you choose will determine the overall quality of the video, as well as how long you can record for. All the controls for the camera can easily be accessed through the touch panel, and you can use the smart AUTO mode for automatic scene detection if you so choose. There are also external headphone and microphone jacks on this camera, so you can have even more control of how you edit your videos. reviewers consider this to be the best handheld camcorder 2014 because of the fast autofocus and the long zoom. Users also like the ease of navigation through the menus, as well as the fact that you can control how many megabytes per second you would like to record videos at.


Top Rated Twin Video Camera

best handheld camcorder - ionThe Ion Twin Video Camcorder may prove to be the best handheld camcorder 2014 because of its unique design. There are two front-facing cameras and two back-facing cameras, so you can record all of life’s memorable moments in stunning clarity.

This camera captures 640×480 videos, and it works with standard SD cards. There is a 3x zoom on this camera, and the controls are exceptionally easy to navigate through, particularly if you are a blogger. Finally, there is a rechargeable lithium ion battery that comes with this camera, and you get the included charger and USB cables that are necessary when you buy this camera.

According to popular reviews, this may be the best handheld camcorder 2014. Users say that they like the fact that it works well with standard SD cards, and that it works perfectly for outdoor use, especially when V-logging.


Best Handheld Video Camera for the Money

best handheld camcorder - kodakIf you are trying to find the best handheld camcorder 2014, you may want to consider the Kodak Play Full. This device is available in blue black, blue silver, or orange silver, and it records full-1080p HD videos and 5-megapixel still images.

When you are in a place with Wi-Fi connectivity, simply plug your camera into your computer, then select the photos and videos you would like to share with the world, then choose to upload them via E-mail, Facebook, or YouTube, and instantly, they will be transferred to whatever location you choose. The display and navigation are exceptionally easy to use on this camera, and the built-in USB arm allows you to quickly connect the camera into the computer for easy file transfer.

Users say that this is the best handheld camcorder 2014 because of the overall ease of use and the fact that you can hold it upright in your hand without fear of dropping it. Users also like the fact that this camera does indeed record full-HD videos in 1080p.


Have you been trying to find the best handheld camcorder 2014? If so, then you may want to consider one of the aforementioned models. Each of them is laden with a wide array of features that are certain to delight you and provide you with high-quality images and videos for several years to come.

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