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Best Flip Camcorder for the Money | Best Cameras for the Money

best flip camera - introFlip camcorders come in a wide variety of price ranges with all sorts of different features, so choosing the best one isn’t always easy. Value is the name of the game today, and we’re going to be taking a look at four excellent flip camcorders in order to help you pick the best Flip camcorder for the money.

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As Flip is a brand name and not necessarily a type, you may want to look at similar types of video cameras.  Most of these in this article will be a part of the actual Flip lineup of portable video cameras, and one will be another brand for comparison. So, let’s get started!


 Best Flip Camcorder for the Money


Flip UltraHD Video Camera - Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours (3rd Generation)Flip Video has really made a name for themselves over the past few years with their ultra portable video cameras. They can fit in just about anyone’s pocket, and they produce really nice quality videos. The Flip UltraHD Video Camera in particular is the most recently generation, their most highly-reviewed camera but also the most expensive. It’s true that you get what you pay for! If you don’t need something on the cutting edge, you can score a pretty good deal on some of the older generations which we’ll be looking at in just a moment. But first, here’s more info about the 3rd generation Flip UltraHD video camera.

This camera comes with 8gb of memory which is enough to record roughly 2 hours of video. As long as you have your computer nearby, you can always upload the footage to be able to record more, but 2 hours is quite a long time, especially when you’re taking a bunch of short videos. The image stabilization does a stellar job of keeping everything crisp and in focus, even when you don’t have the steadiest hand. Great for skate boarding videos and other extreme sports, or just to have a handy camera to capture the wonders of nature while you’re at the park.


Best Flip Camcorder with Simple Start Recording


best flip camera - shiteIf having the absolute latest and greatest isn’t something that’s absolutely essential to you than you can keep a few extra dollars in your pocket by getting a 2nd generation model.

Flip UltraHD Video Camera (2nd Generation)

It’s worth taking note that the Flip cameras get better with each generation, but by the second generation models they had a chance to improve on a lot of the little quirks that bothered people about the first generation. Press the big red button and start recording studding HD videos, it’s really that simple.



 Best Camcorder with Touch Screen Feature


Flip SlideHD Video Camera - White, 16 GB, 4 HoursA little different take on the classic Flip style, this model has a touch screen and the biggest storage yet. This Flip SlideHD Video Camera – White, 16 GB, 4 Hours has the same simple 1-button recording features as the previous models, the difference is that you can actually flip it open and view your videos on a much larger screen on the inside.

This is very useful! Sometimes you need to check out your videos but you don’t have a computer nearby. It doesn’t matter anymore! With 16 gigs of storage, it has more than the other Flip models too, meaning you can capture up to four videos. You can compress these videos, and store up to 12 hours of video as well.

This model is really geared towards taking on a trip with you and not having to bring along your laptop just to unload photos and videos on, you can take care of the basics right from the menus of the camera itself. This is a very nice choice, and perhaps the best Flip camcorder for the money as well.


Best Camcorder with Built in Projector

3M Shoot 'N Share HD Camcorder with P


As promised, we’re going to deviate a little bit from the Flip brand camcorders to look at a unique offering from 3M. Portable video cameras with built in projectors probably aren’t what come to mind when you think of the company 3M, but maybe now they should. 3M Shoot ‘n Share HD Camcorder with Projector is a very unique little device.

It allows you to capture quality videos and store them on it’s 2gb of built-in memory. The unique selling point of this video camera is that after you’ve captured a video, you don’t have to wait to sync it, convert it, upload it, stream it or any of the other things that stand in between you and watching your latest video.

Just point the device at a surface, hit play, and it will project your videos live right them and there. Not only that, but you can hook up your own devices to it. You can hook up a video game console, a DVD player, a laptop with Netflix or whatever else you can think of, and use the 3M Shoot N Share to project the video for you. Not only can it play its own videos, it can play any other videos as well – giving you awesome little video camera and a portable projected all rolled into one easy to use package. Another 3M innovation, no doubt!


Final Thoughts

The point of this article was both to look at some cameras from the Flip line up, but also to show you that there are some unique options available and Flip aren’t necessarily the be-all-and-the-end-all, even though they’re very, very popular in this subset of video cameras.


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