Best DSLR Camera for YouTubeIf you like making YouTube videos and you want a professional camera that will record in full-HD, then you may want to consider investing in a DSLR camera. These particular cameras typically allow you to adjust focus manually and change out lenses and filters.

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They also tend to offer more features than standard cameras on the market.  In this guide, we will review four different models so that you can find the right DSLR for creating YouTube videos.


Best DSLR for Video

Canon EOS Rebel T3iThe Canon EOS Rebel T3i is a powerful DSLR with an 18 to 55mm lens, an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor, and a DIGIC 4 image processor to ensure that you get crystal clear photos and videos every time you use the camera. Since the ISO on the device ranges from 100 to 6400, you can shoot in bright light or low light without experiencing any distortions in your photos at all.

Thanks to the video recording mode on this camera, you can shoot videos in full-HD with adaptive exposure compensation to keep them from looking blurry or washed out. If you choose to utilize the Video Snapshot feature, the T3i will capture very short video clips of a few seconds in length and then weave them all together to create a sort of “highlights” album. These videos turn out wonderful enough to share immediately with friends and family, or you can watch them directly on your HDTV by plugging in an HDMI cable to the specified port on your camera.

You can create images according to your perspective on how they should be seen. One of the best ways you can do this is by shooting by ambience selection or by scene selection. You can also put the camera into AUTO mode and allow it to select the proper scene settings for you.

Real reviewers on say that they like how user-friendly this camera is, particularly in AUTO mode. Users also like the full-HD video capabilities and the fact that you can interchange lenses on this device.


Top Rated DSLR for the Money

Nikon D3300Anyone looking for a good DSLR camera for taking YouTube videos may want to consider the Nikon D3300. You can purchase this camera in black, gray, or red, and you can capture stunning 24.2-megapixel images thanks to the powerful CMOS sensor that is built into the device.

The EXPEED feature on this camera allows you to shoot at up to 5 frames per second, even in low light situations. You can also create panoramas and capture HD videos in full 1080p. When you invest in a wireless adapter (not included) for this device, you can plug it in and quickly access local wireless networks where you can then share your favorite photos or videos to YouTube and other social networking sites. You can also connect to your smartphone or tablet and share your photos that way. reviewers say that they like the small, lightweight functionality of this particular camera. They also like the lens that comes included in the kit, as it gives you the ability to shoot close-up or far away subjects with ease: without worrying about any distortions.


Best DSLR under $300

Sony A3000The Sony A3000 offers a 20.1-megapixel sensor for capturing crystal-clear images without distortions. The body is very light and easy to grip, so you can capture many different shots without worrying about accidentally dropping the camera.

One of the main reasons why people like this camera so much is because of its full-HD video recording capabilities. In fact, the picture quality offered by this camera is the same as that which you would find on a standard Blu-Ray disc. The MP4 codec, which is the filetype for the saved videos on your device, ensures easy sharing of the videos via your computer.

There are many different picture effects modes, scene selections, and even a smart AUTO mode on this camera, so you can capture the scene in the best possible way, according to what you think looks good for each setting.

According to popular reviews, users of this camera like the low light image quality, as it is far better than that of many other cameras on the market. Users also like the overall size of the camera, as it is exceptionally easy to hold onto without fear of dropping it.


Best DSLR under $1000

Sony Alpha SLT-A65VLIf you are looking for an excellent DSLR camera with a lot of features behind it, you may want to consider the Sony Alpha SLT-A65VL. The unit comes with an 18 to 55mm lens, so you can capture a wide variety of subjects at varying distances without any distortions in them.

Many of the features on this camera allow you to capture motion shots without blurs, live view shots, and even full-HD videos. The HD videos are of such high quality that you can easily play them back on an HDTV, directly on the camera’s LCD screen, or even on your computer and see the clarity and hear the wonderful sound that accompanies the video.

Users of this camera say that they like the overall picture and video quality, which includes the low light abilities of the camera. Users also like how long the battery lasts on this camera, even while you are shooting HD videos.

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In short, these are the top four models that come to mind when searching for a quality DSLR camera for YouTube videos. They all have plenty of features that can help you create that perfect video, and many of them even have special sharing functions that allow you to upload your photos and videos to other devices and share them with the world in a matter of seconds.