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Best Digital Camera under 100 Dollars | Best Cameras for the Money

best digital camera under 100 - canonLooking for the best digital camera under 100 dollars? You have a few good choices for a good, solid economy starter camera from the major brands, such as Canon, Olympus, Sony and Kodak.  They are good to get you started on the point and shoot picture taking and be able to capture your next vacation or child’s event.

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To help you determine what is the best camera for you, it is a good idea to read reviews from people that have purchased the camera before.  Below are a few that we have looked and and are a good start for your best camera to buy.


Best Camera for the Money

best digital camera under 100 - kodakFirst, there is the Kodak C1530. It boasts an impressive 14 megapixels with a 3x optical zoom. There is a blur reduction feature, which on other models is often called an image stabilizer, so when the subject isn’t still, your photos can still be in focus. This is great for taking pictures of kids, animals, or sporting events. The camera has face recognition, which usually ends the problem where the background is crystal clear, but the faces are blurry. Basically, the camera automatically adjusts the depth of field.

Kodak has a “Smart Capture” feature which automatically detects the environment which means you get better pictures automatically without a lot of camera adjustment. There is even a button allowing you to share your pictures by posting them to social networking sites. This versatile camera will shoot 720p HD video and there is an edit video feature on board.

The camera requires two AA batteries, and like most cameras in this price range, you will have to purchase a memory card. There is a small amount of internal memory, but you will undoubtedly want more. This is a great camera for a beginner or for someone who wants to take good pictures without a lot of hassle. For a camera at this price-point, the features are impressive.


Best Camera with Optical Zoom

best digital camera under 100 - olympusFor about $20 more than the Kodak C1530, you can get the Olympus VR-350. This camera is a no-nonsense camera with 16 megapixels and a 10x optical zoom, one of the better optical zooms around. If you are taking a lot of pictures from far away, or if you want close up detail, you want the best optical zoom you can find. The optical zoom works just like a zoom lens on a camera. With a digital zoom, your picture will lose sharpness the more you zoom. The 10x optical zoom is an incredible find in a camera at this price-point.

The camera also boasts art filters for still pictures and video, helping you to portray a creative mood in any shot. You have 12 special effects to choose from, including soft focus, punk, dramatic, and more. This is a great, simple, entry-level point and shoot with an amazing optical zoom. If you’re looking for an inexpensive beginner camera that is great for close-ups, you can’t beat this one. This camera requires a lithium ion battery which is included.


Top Rated Digital Camera to Buy

best digital camera under 100 - canonAt a slightly higher price, but still under $100, is the Canon PowerShot A2500. It has 16 megapixels and a 28mm wide angle lens with a 5x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. It also has an image stabilizer so if you take shots of things that move, this would be another good choice. Like the Kodak camera, it can automatically sense its environment helping your pictures look their best. Canon calls this “Smart AUTO” whereas Kodak called it “Smart Capture”. There are a number of special shooting modes that help you take the best picture in any circumstance.

A dedicated movie button lets you take 720p HD video with just the push of a button. The dedicated button helps you to avoid taking video by accident. There is an ECO mode, which helps the battery last longer. This is helpful on days when you know you will be out taking pictures for long periods of time. The camera takes three successive shots when there are no humans in the shot. It then combines the three shots into a single image, giving you the clearest, sharpest shot possible of landscapes, cityscapes and more. On board help is just a button away and is displayed on the LCD screen whenever you need it. This entry-level point and shoot camera is a good value with its nice features. This camera requires a lithium ion battery which is included.


Best Camera for Selfies

best digital camera under 100 - samsungFor just a few dollars more than the Canon Powershot A2500, you could get the Samsung EC-DV150FBPLUS 16.2 Smart Digital Camera. This camera features a number of perks including built-in Wi-Fi. It was definitely made with social sharing in mind. There are two LCD screens, one front and one back, allowing you to take group shots and self-portraits easily. The 16.2 megapixels give you clear, crisp details for any shot. The lens is a 25mm wide angle lens with a 5x zoom, which is similar to the Canon PowerShot A2500. You can shoot 720p HD video with this camera.

This camera’s claim to fame would be its Wi-Fi connectivity and ability to upload pictures to Facebook or other social networks. Pictures and videos can be uploaded via a Wi-Fi network directly to a computer or a cloud without any cords. Automatic backup of your pictures and videos is available through Microsoft SkyDrive. There is also a Samsung camera App for iPhone and Android which, in addition to automatically sending your photos to your smartphone, also gives you additional features, including a remote viewfinder feature, allowing you to use your phone as a viewfinder. This entry-level camera is perfect for those who like to stay connected and have automatic backups of their data. This camera requires a lithium ion battery, which is included.


Choices abound for entry-level cameras, and like more advanced cameras, your choice depends largely on what you are looking for and how you are going to be using your camera. Buy the best digital camera under 100 dollars at Amazon.com, click here.