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Best Compact Digital Camera under $200 | Best Cameras for the Money

best compact camera under 200 - introAre you trying to find a small digital camera that still has a lot of power and features behind it? If so, then your search may be over.

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In this guide, we have compiled a list of four top-rated cameras with reasonable price tags, high levels of power, great image quality, and several other features that make them stand out from the rest.  Here are the candidates in the running for the title of the best compact digital camera under 200 dollars.


Top Digital Camera with Wide Angle

Canon PowerShot SX500The Canon PowerShot SX500 may be the best compact digital camera under 200 dollars because of its 16-megapixel image quality and DIGIC 4 image processor, both of which combine together to provide you with high-resolution images that are distortion-free. This camera captures stunning 720p HD video in stereo sound with a dedicated movie button, and it boasts an optical image stabilizer for reducing camera shake.

The wide-angle lens on this camera is 24mm, so you can take all kinds of shots at varying distances. Thanks to the 30x optical zoom, you can even capture far-away subjects that look like they are close-ups. If you choose to put the camera in smart AUTO mode, it will choose from several pre-programmed settings based on the look of the scene you are trying to capture, and then it will automatically apply the best settings to make your photos look absolutely beautiful. You can even shoot under different scene modes if you prefer in order to add special effects to your photos.

Real reviewers on Amazon.com consider this to be the best compact digital camera under 200 dollars because it essentially boasts all the features of a DSLR but without the price tag of an SLR. The only difference is that you cannot change out lenses on this camera, though that is a small sacrifice. Users also like the outstanding HD video quality of the camera, even though it only shoots in 720p.


Top Rated Digital Camera to Buy

Fujifilm S4500If you are trying to find the best compact digital camera under 200 dollars, you may want to consider the Fujifilm S4500. This camera has a 3-inch LCD display that you can use to view your images and videos as you capture them, and also when you set the camera into viewing mode.

Taking pictures and videos of far-away subjects without distortions shouldn’t be a problem anymore, thanks to the 30x optical zoom lens on this camera. Because of how far you can zoom, it doesn’t matter how close up or far away your subject is; because you can zoom in on it without experiencing any blurring or pixilation. Another great feature on this camera is its ability to capture HD videos in 720p. These can then be played back on most HDTVs or directly on your computer.

Amazon.com reviewers say that this may be the best compact digital camera under 200 dollars because of how quickly the auto focus locks onto a subject and applies the proper settings to the scene. Users also like ability to choose between optical and digital zoom when capturing HD videos in order to get the better sound quality needed for the particular scene being shot.


Top Rated Camera on the Market

Panasonic Lumix ZS20The Panasonic LUMIX ZS20 can easily be considered the best compact digital camera under 200 dollars because of its 24mm ultra-wide-angle lens, and also because of its 20x optical zoom, which allows you to capture a wide array of subjects from various distances without distortions, blurs, or any pixilation. The camera comes equipped with 12MB of internal memory, but you will still need to purchase an SD or SDHC memory card in order to store more photos and videos on the device.

If you like cameras that can record videos, then you will more than likely appreciate this model, because it records in full-HD with a stereo microphone, so your audio shouldn’t sound garbled or distorted in any way when you play it back later. You can also choose from several scene settings on this camera to make your images look more fun and more visually appealing if you desire. The optical image stabilizer on the device also ensures that you don’t experience blurry images due to shaking hands.

According to popular Amazon.com reviews, this may be the best compact digital camera under 200. This is largely because users like the overall image quality produced by this camera in a wide variety of light settings. Users also like how small this camera is, as well as how easy it is to carry around with you.


Best Digital Camera for the Money

Samsung WB250FAnyone looking for the best compact digital camera under 200 dollars may want to consider the Samsung WB250F. This powerful device can be purchased in black, red, white, or gun metal, and it features an 18x optical zoom which allows you to capture subjects at varying distances without distortions or pixilation.

One of the main reasons why this camera is so highly sought after is largely because of its ability to record HD videos in full 1080p. There are also several SMART features on the camera like built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect directly to your email or favorite social media networks to share your videos and still images with the world. There is also a cloud service that comes along with this camera for backing up the images and videos in the event that anything happens to your camera.

Users say that they like the wide angle and zoom capabilities on this camera, as they allow you to capture several times more than you could with a standard camera. Users also like the overall video quality produced by this camera.


Indeed, these are the top four candidates in the running for the title of the best compact digital camera under 200 dollars.

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