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Best Camera for the Money | Best Cameras for the Money

best camera for the money - introAre you looking for a great camera that will allow you to take still images and high-definition videos while providing you with a multitude of features, effects, and sharing options? If so, then you have come to the right place.

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In this guide, we will review four different camera models  and the benefits that they offer to you so you can determine which one fits all of your needs.


Best Bridge Camera for the Money

best camera for the money - nikonThe Nikon COOLPIX L820 is available in either black or red, depending on your customization preferences, and its larger-than-average design ensures that you can handle the camera much easier than you would normally be able to with a standard camera.

There is a 30x optical zoom on this camera, so you can photograph or film subjects with perfect clarity no matter how far away they may be. The 16-megapixel CMOS sensor in the camera also ensures crystal-clear image quality, especially in areas with low light. If you are recording videos, you get the full 1080p high-definition resolution to ensure that there are no pixelated areas or distortions throughout your video. You can also record in stereo sound and play back the audio on your camera to see what it sounds like.

Real reviewers on Amazon.com say that they like this camera because of the powerful zoom that allows you to capture images and videos from a variety of distances. Users also like the vibration reduction feature in the camera, which reduces the likelihood of blurry pictures and keeps your videos from appearing constantly shaky.


Best Digital Camera for YouTube

best camera for the money - canonIf you want a wonderful camera with many powerful sensors and features on it, then you may want to consider the Canon PowerShot SX510. With this camera, you can capture full 1080p HD videos that have stereo sound attached to them, so there shouldn’t be any distortions in the overall sound quality. If you choose, you can plug in the camera to an HDTV using an HDMI cable, and then watch your videos on your TV.

The 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, which combines with a DIGIC 4 image processor, ensures that your pictures come out looking beautiful and crystal clear, with virtually no blurry lines or distortions whatsoever. There is also a 30x optical zoom on this camera, which allows you to take stunning close-ups of people, places, and locations even from a distance.

When shooting in a low light setting or when you have the camera set to smart AUTO mode, it will automatically assess the scene you are trying to photograph and adjust its light settings accordingly. Therefore, you can get crystal-clear pictures at any time of day or night, even if you don’t manually adjust the controls inside of the camera.

Amazon.com reviewers say that they like the built-in Wi-Fi that comes with this camera, as this allows them instant access to Facebook or YouTube where they can upload the pictures and videos they have taken. Users also like the 30x optical zoom on the camera for stunning close-ups from virtually any distance.


Best Point and Shoot Camera for the Money

best camera for the money - samsungThe Samsung ST150F is reasonably-priced and comes in four different colors: black, red, silver, or white, so you can choose whichever color looks the best to you if you want a little bit of flair on your camera. The unit functions at approximately 16.1 megapixels, so you will get stunning image quality at a variety of sizes when your pictures are printed. You can also record high-definition videos in 720p quality.

If you are a rather social person who likes to share their creations with the world, then you will more than likely enjoy the social media upload feature on this camera. With just the press of a few buttons, you can select the pictures and videos that you would like to post to the internet, and then send them directly to Facebook or YouTube over a built-in Wi-Fi connection on the camera.

One of the best features associated with this camera is its ability to connect to your android smartphone or iPhone via the Samsung Smart Camera app. Once the camera is connected to this app, you can upload all your photos and videos to your cell phone and then send them to people via multimedia message, by sharing them on the internet, or even by emailing them to people. You can also choose to back up your photos and videos to the Microsoft SkyDrive so that if your camera is lost or stolen, your images and videos won’t be gone.

According to popular Amazon.com reviews, users like this camera because of the Samsung Smart Camera app, which makes photo and video sharing from your cell phone a quick and easy process. Users also like the relatively small size of the device, as you can easily fit it into a pocket without much trouble.


Best Superzoom Camera for the Money

best camera for the money - fujifilmAnyone who wants a professional-quality camera at a fraction of the cost may want to consider the Fujifilm FinePix S4200. This powerful camera has a 3-inch LCD display that allows you to control many functions of the camera right there, so you have easy access at the tips of your fingers.

There is a 24x optical zoom lens on this camera, which allows you to capture still images and videos close up or from far away without sacrificing clarity. The 14-megapixel capacityon the camera also works to serve the same purpose as well.

You can record HD movies with this camera, although you can only record in 720p, so they won’t quite be full-HD. However, this is made up for by the easy social media uploading functions by accessing the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi and posting to sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Users of this camera say that they like how easily the device takes high-quality pictures and video. They also like the 24x optical zoom that allows you to shoot from various distances.


When it comes to getting a camera, there are many styles and models to choose from.  In short, these are truly 4 of the best-rated cameras on the market.


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