Canon VIXIA HF G10Night vision can be a great feature if you’re shooting nature footage, or if you’re using your camera for some kind of security setup. Or, indeed, if you’re friends with Scooby Doo and you want to get footage of some ghosts. It’s kind of amusing to skeptics to see how many of these devices market themselves as “ghost hunting” cameras, but the fact is that whatever the reason you have for wanting night vision, there is a camera for you.

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For those that just want a camera with night vision, you will want to look at what others have said on line.  These reviews give you a good idea of what is the best camcorder for you.  Below are a few for you to review and perhaps get you started.


Best Camcorder for the Money

Bell and Howell DNV16HDZ-BL

The Bell and Howell DNV16HDZ-BL is a pretty decent camera in its own right, with full HD and a 10x optical zoom. But the infrared night vision is really high quality on this and there are plenty of test videos on the internet that show you the slightly teal-tinted night vision mode. Night vision footage is impressively clear and crisp with well-defined shadowing. A strong contender for those on a budget.

Reviewers even comment on how well the night vision works and say that it is “amazing”.  They do caution that the battery is not removable and once it can no longer be charged, the camera will not be useful.


Top Rated Camcorder on the Market


Canon VIXIA HF G10It’s also possible to just buy a regular camcorder with night mode, although there are a few features you need to keep an eye out for, such as the sensitivity of the CMOS. The Canon VIXIA HF G10 is a pretty superb camera in its own right, with not only the ability to shoot in IR mode but also the ability to capture regular images in extremely low-light conditions.

The HD CMOS Pro uses pixels that are approximately 61% larger, giving it a terrific performance when other cameras would simply show you a black screen. When you’re not shooting night footage, it’s an exceptional piece of kit with superb quality, an excellent lens, great build quality and 32gb of flash memory included.

Consumers report that the Vixia is of prosumer quality as the picture, color and image are excellent.  They mention that even in low light, you still get a decent picture.


Best Prosumer Video Camera on the Market


Panasonic AG DVC 30If you really want to break into the professional ghost hunting market, the Panasonic AG DVC 30 is a reasonably priced prosumer model that has actually been used on the TV show Ghost Hunters. This model has an outstanding Zero Lux IR mode that offers pretty much unparalleled night footage. A great feature here is that it shoots in crisp black and white, rather than the teals and greens found on other models.

It’s also got a night time range of 16ft, plus a 16x optical zoom. The camera also includes the same A/D converter and RGB gamma processor used in the popular AG-DVX100A, which is regarded as one of the industry’s leading DV cameras. It’s a really impressive camera in so many ways and is perfect for night shooting, but the most impressive feature is the price: an absolute bargain at under $550.


You will need to purchase an IR light separately to get the best results, but if you’re serious about ghost hunting then you will probably already have one. The makers of this camera claim that it’s also suitable for Bigfoot research, so you can cover a whole range of paranormal footage with it.


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