best camcorder under 200 - introAre you in the market for a camcorder, but on a tight budget? No problem, these days you can still get an awesome camcorder without having to spend very much money.  You can still find quality at a reasonable price.

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In fact, here’s a list of the best camcorders under $200. There’s one that stands above the rest, and we’ve saved the best for last… Feel free to skip ahead! Without further adieu, here’s the best camcorders that you can get for less than two hundred dollars.


Best Video Camera for Home Use

best camcorder under 200 - JVCThis JVC GZE200AUS camcorder does a very good job for the price. It’s not the very best camcorder under $200, but at just under $160, it’s a superb entry-level camera.  Reviewers say that it is easy to use and does a decent video image.  They go on to say that it is a good camcorder for under 200 bucks.

You can’t expect the world for a camera in this price range, but it’s pretty good none the less the 40x optical zoom is much more than we’re used to seeing for cameras in this price range, making it a great choice if you plan on filming things you can’t get too close to. Great for at the zoo, for example! It even had an LCD touch screen, image stabilizer and room for up to a 64gb memory card expansion.


Best Camcorder for the Money

best camcorder under 200 - samsungHere’s a bundle that includes a Samsung HMX-F90, a great little camcorder for the price. Along with the camera itself, this bundle also comes with a 32gb memory card, a full size tripod, a protective carrying case and cleaning gear to keep your camera free from fingerprints, debris and anything else that can mess up your filming.

There are several items available at Amazon at different pricing.  Looking at the reviews, most people like that it is small and easy to use.  One of the downfalls that comes out is that the focus is slow to respond to changes and therefore if you are recording action pictures, you may not be happy with the results.


Top Rated Video Camera to buy

best camcorder under 200 - panasonicThis camera was launched in 2011, that’s why it is only about $150. The Panasonic V100K  has great specifications, but the technology is over two years old so naturally prices start to drop. You can take advantage of this is you don’t need all the cutting edge features.  Consumers report that this camera has a good zoom and removes shakiness.

This camera can film videos in full hd, 1080p resolution. It has a 2.7 inch LCD display, and boasts an impressive battery life compared to other cameras in the category. Capture all your favorite moments and save them forever, in stunning high definition pictures that will look great on your HD-TV. Overall, this is probably the 2nd best camcorder under $200.


Best Camcorder on the Market

best camcorder under 200 - sonyHere it is, folks! Our number one pick for the best camcorder under 200, the Sony HDR-CD190. This is a really great camcorder, and it also takes great photographs. This Sony camcorder has a really great zoom that can max out at 55x, with a combination of both optical zoom and stabilized digital zoom.

This camera performs great, even in low-light, thanks to the CMOS sensor. Buying a great camcorder for under $200 doesn’t have to be tough or stressful! Any of the camcorders on this list would have a fine candidate, but the nod goes to this Sony HDR-CX190 because it has the best features. The Samsung is good if you need all of the accessories, it’s a lot cheaper but it’s also not as good of a camcorder, frankly.


There are a lot of choices, we put together this list to highlight just four of them. You can’t go wrong with any of the above cameras, if you’re looking for the best deal it’s probably the Samsung bundle but if you’re looking for the best camera, stick with the Sony HDR-CX190.

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