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Best Beginner DSLR Camera for | Best Cameras for the Money

best beginner DSLR - introDigital SLR cameras can seem intimidating for a novice. However, they do not have to be. Many companies are making beginner DSRL with easy to follow menus that will turn any photography novice into a photo enthusiast.

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To find the right camera for your needs, you should read reviews of what others have said about the cameras.  To make things easier here are some of the best beginner DSLR cameras to choose from.


Best DSLR to Buy

best beginner DSLR - sonyThe Sony Alpha SLT-A57K is a single lens translucent camera which uses mirror technology to capture high quality images. This camera is great for beginners and enthusiasts. It has plenty of controls that allows you to customize your camera, but it also has automatic features for beginners. Some of the special features includes an electronic viewfinder, auto portrait framing. and face detection.

This amazing camera can focus and track objects for 12fps continuous shooting capabilities. It has a 15 point autofocus system and a clear image zoom that helps keep the quality of resolution is not lost in the digital zoom. It has a release time lag of only 0.05s. In other words, it only takes .05s from when you hit the button to capture the picture. That is very impressive.

The camera also has audio noise reduction so when you are recording full HD videos you will not get unnecessary jabber. One of the neat features is a 3 inch Tru-Black swivel screen so you can see what your camera sees from any angle.


Best Digital SLR with WIFI Capability

best beginner DSLR - 3200The Nikon D3200 is a fantastic DSLR for beginners. It is affordable and has guide menus that will make it simple to master the camera. Users will enjoy this light weight camera, because it is easy to maneuver. Since it is less bulky, beginners can get comfortable shooting with the camera. The 24.2 MP sensor will capture quality images that will revive a more advanced camera.

It comes with a wireless mobile adapter. It has six common scene options with a 11 point auto focus and AF assist lamp. It can capture full video at 30 frames per second (fps), and the built-in stereo microphone captures sound beautifully.

The camera also comes with a vari-angle touchscreen that is smudge resistant. You can see what your camera sees from any angle. If you are looking to wet your toes into photography, this camera is for you.


Best DSLR under $1000

best beginner DSLR - canonThe Canon Rebel T5i is an affordable small and lightweight camera that beginners will adore. The simplistic in-camera feature guide will help navigate new users into the world of photographing with a digital SLR camera. Canon provides more user friendly resources with a user manual and downloadable materials from their website.

The Rebel T5i has a great resolution of 18.1 MP and a continuous shooting speed. It also features a vari-angle LCD screen and comes with two self timer delays. The Rebel T5i has a unique dust reduction system to prevent the clarity of photos and videos from being damaged by dust. You can shoot 1080p full crisp and colorful HD movies. It also has creative filters for your artistic use.


Best Digital SLR for Beginners

best beginner DSLR - 5200Nikon is the leader in creating easy to use digital SLR cameras. The Nikon D5200 is their most advance beginners camera yet. The camera is small and lightweight. It only weighs 17.8 ounces. It has a fluid shooting design that shoots excellent photo quality images at 24.1MP. You can continuously shoot at 5fps, and the autofocus system has 39 points so you will never shoot an unfocused picture. This camera also allows you to shoot full HD movies.

Nikon provides video tutorials for beginners to teach you how to record movies, use scenes modes and special effects. The camera has four different self timer delay intervals. So a selfie will be a breeze to capture. You can set the camera controls or used the automatic features. The D5200 comes with an automatic pop flash and 16 different scene modes. The scene modes include portrait, landscape, sports, close-up and night portrait.


Beginner DSLRs are affordable and will guide you to become the best photographer you can possible be. All of these cameras can be found on Amazon.com so you can order now and start shooting breathtaking pictures.


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