best 1080hp video camera - introWhich 1080 Hp Video Camera should you Choose?

There are a lot of technical terms to get used to in the world of consumer electronics. You hear about megapixels, megabytes, digital single lens reflex cameras, focal length and the least is just endless. This can make it really confusing for anyone trying to buy video cameras.

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When it comes to choosing the best 1080 Hp video cameras, you might be wondering what that is and if it is even worth looking into. The most important thing to know is, anytime you see the term 1080p, it is usually referring to a widescreen video camera with full high definition attributes. With that out of the way, which one should you choose?



Sony HDR-CX260V

Sony HDR-CX260V  with 30x Optical Zoom and 16 GB Embedded Memory is a offering from Sony is worth looking into because Sony is a brand known for its quality consumer electronics.

When you think that this camera will give you 16 GB of flash memory, that is a very good thing to have. There is nothing more annoying than trying to film a long sequence and running out of space. The camera allows you the option to choose between automatic focus or manual focus. It gives you the possibility of up to 55x extended zoom.



Toshiba CAMILEO X100 Camcorder - 1080p - 10.0 MP - 10 x opticalToshiba CAMILEO X100 is a good choice and one of the reasons why this camera will appeal to a few apart from the obvious high-definition feature is the price.
For a little over $200 you will get a camera that will give you good quality. The downside to this Toshiba camcorder is that it doesn’t have enough zoom like the one mentioned previously. Nevertheless, it offers video format like AVI and MPEG. If you can add a little bit more money, you’ll be better served buying the Sony HDR – CX 160.



Panasonic HDC-SD80Panasonic HDC-TM90  is another great video camera that is worth considering.

You get a little under four megapixel and sufficient zoom for most uses. It comes with a night vision sensor that will make filming indoors and in low light easier. You also get a built-in 16 GB of flash memory to store your videos. This is enough for over an hour of filming. This also features 60 FPS which is great for smooth video recording.


When you are looking for true HD, you will want something that will do the 1080p resolution.  Check out these as a start on your hunt for the best HD camcorder to buy.


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