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Best Flip Camera for Youtube | Best Cameras for the Money

Best Flip Camera for YoutubeDo you like making YouTube videos and sharing them with your friends and family members? Do you want a camera that provides you with the convenience of a small, compact design and allows you to share your videos instantly?

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If so, then you may want to consider investing in a flip camera. These designs meet both of the previously mentioned requirements, and they are usually very cost-efficient.  Let’s take a look at four models that make the grade and the benefits they have to offer:


Top Rated Video Camera

Flip Ultra Video CameraThe Flip Ultra 2nd Generation is very user-friendly and is so small that it can fit into your pockets, so you won’t have to purchase a separate carrying case for the camera. When you are ready to record, simply press the designated button, and the camera begins filming. There is also a digital zoom function on the camera that allows you to get closer to the subject you are trying to film from a distance.

Since there is 4GB of internal memory on this unit, you can record for up to 2 hours without the need for any additional memory cards or flash drives. The flip-out USB arm on this device allows you to connect the camera directly into your computer and use the FlipShare software to edit your videos or post them directly to YouTube.

Real reviewers on Amazon.com say that they like the overall ease of use that this camera offers, as well as the video quality you can achieve. Users also like the fact that you can record up to 2 hours of footage without the need for any additional storage devices.


Top Rated Pocket Sized Camcorder

Flip Mino 1st GenerationAnyone looking for a great pocket-sized camcorder with a lot of features behind it may want to consider the Flip Mino 1st Generation. This camera has a flat back panel with buttons that are sensitive to the touch, so you can easily record or navigate through menus without difficulty.

This camera comes fully-equipped with 2GB of internal memory, which allows you to record video for approximately one hour. There is a 2x digital zoom, so you can get a few feet closer to the subject you are shooting whenever you need to. There is an internal lithium-ion battery to keep the unit going strong for a while, and the flip-out arm allows you to instantly connect to a computer to share your videos on YouTube. If you want to view your videos on a TV, you can also connect the device into your computer’s USB port without a problem.

Amazon.com reviewers say that they like how good the video quality on this camera is, despite being VGA. Users also like the small, compact size of the camera, as this makes it easy to take with you on the go.


Best Compact Camcorder to Buy

Philips CAM110BL-37The Philips CAM110BL/37 is quite an interesting device. To begin with, it uses 10 megapixels to capture high-quality still photos, and it records videos in full 1080p HD. Thanks to the integrated anti-shake technology on this device, you shouldn’t detect any shaking in your videos or blurs in your photos. There is also an instant video editor on the device, so you can edit your videos directly from the camera without the need for a computer.

The flip-out USB arm on this device makes it easy to connect the camera into your computer and instantly upload videos to YouTube without difficulty. You can also email the videos and still photos exactly the same way.

According to popular Amazon.com reviews, users of this product say that they like the sound quality and crispness of videos and pictures taken with this camera. Users also like the fact that they can record video in mixed lighting conditions without difficulty.


Best Flip Camera under $100

Sony Bloggie TouchIf you want a powerful flip camera for YouTube videos, then you may want to consider the Sony Bloggie Touch. This device comes with a special USB connection so that you can connect the camera into your computer and share your photos and videos with friends and family in a matter of seconds. The camera records full-HD 1080p videos and it captures 12.8-megapixel still images, so you don’t have to worry about graininess or distortions of any sort.

The capacitive touchscreen on this unit allows full access to the camera’s controls, and it also provides for playback of your still images and videos. Since there is 4GB of internal memory on this device, you can easily record for up to 2 hours without the need for any additional memory cards. If you prefer to share your videos over an HDTV, you can simply connect the device into the USB port on the TV and begin playback.

Users of this camera say that they like how small and compact the device is, as well as how quickly it turns on and begins recording. They also like the low light capabilities of this camera, as well as the fact that you can take both photos and videos in high definition without experiencing distortions or pixilation.

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Are you trying to find the best flip camera for YouTube? If so, then these may be the top four options for you to consider.