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Best Canon Camera for Beginners | Best Cameras for the Money

Best Canon Camera for BeginnersAre you an aspiring photographer who likes Canon products but doesn’t know a lot about their cameras? If so, there is no need to fear; Canon has made a line of cameras that are specifically designed for users of all types.

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In this guide, we will review four top-rated models so that you can find the best Canon camera for beginners.


Best Digital Camera for YouTube

Canon PowerShot SX510The Canon PowerShot SX510 may be the best Canon camera for beginners, because it allows you to capture 12.1-megapixel still photos while also capturing 1080p full-HD videos. In fact, there is a dedicated movie button, which makes recording even easier with this device. You can zoom while shooting a video and you can choose to plug the camera in to your HDTV for full-screen playback, or you can view the videos right on your camera’s LCD screen.

There is a 30x optical zoom on this camera, which allows you to shoot close-ups of far-away objects with ease. An optical image stabilizer also ensures that you won’t have to worry about blurs in your photos due to camera shake. While you can utilize a few manual settings on the camera, it may be easier to first familiarize yourself with the controls while using the smart AUTO setting. This setting determines the best effects for your photo based on several pre-programmed shooting situations, so your pictures always come out looking crystal-clear with very minimal effort on your part.

Real reviewers on Amazon.com consider this to be the best Canon camera for beginners because of the 30x optical zoom and the Wi-Fi capability on the device. Users also like the ease of use that this camera offers, as well as how well it functions in low light settings.


Best in Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras

Canon PowerShot A2500If you are searching for the best Canon camera for beginners, you may want to consider the Canon PowerShot A2500. You can purchase this camera in black, red, or silver, and you can use it to capture 16-megapixel still photos or HD videos in 720p. There is a 5x optical zoom on this camera for taking close-up photos, and a digital image stabilizer greatly works to reduce blurring in your photos due to a shaky camera.

If you don’t feel comfortable with learning all the manual controls on a camera, then you can set this device to the Smart AUTO setting, which will apply the proper settings to the scene you are trying to capture based on 32 pre-loaded situations. If you want even more creativity, you can apply a scene mode to the photo you are shooting to put on different filters, use the miniature or fisheye effect, and more.

Amazon.com reviewers say that this may be the best Canon camera for beginners because it takes 16-megapixel still images, which are very high-resolution, so you don’t have to worry about experiencing any sort of pixilation. Users also like how easy this camera is to use.


Best Camera for the Money

Canon PowerShot ELPH 130-2The Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 may be considered the best Canon camera for beginners, largely because of the fact that it has built-in Wi-Fi for transferring your photos quickly and easily to your favorite social media sites. The device is available in gray, red, or silver, depending on your preferences.

This particular camera features an 8x optical zoom and allows you to capture 16-megapixel still images. The device also records HD video in 720p, and it has a low-light effect setting so you can still take captivating images in scenes where the lighting isn’t the best. In ECO mode, you can put the camera in a mode that saves the battery, so you don’t have to recharge it as frequently as you would in standard mode.

According to popular Amazon.com reviews, users of this camera say that they like the 8x optical zoom, which provides for close-up shots in a variety of situations. Users also like the integrated Wi-Fi connection, as this allows for quick and easy photo sharing with virtually the simple press of a button.


Best Waterproof Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot D20Anyone searching for the best Canon camera for beginners may want to consider the Canon PowerShot D20. This device is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to film their outdoor adventures, sporting events, and more. The unit is waterproof for up to 33 feet, temperature-resistant from 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is shock-proof for up to 5 feet, so it should be able to withstand virtually every aspect of your life.

The camera shoots brilliant 12-megapixel photos and captures HD videos in full 1080p with the help of a dedicated movie button. 20x combined zoom on the camera allows you to take crystal-clear photos without distortions or blurring. This is also helped by the optical image stabilizer, which reduces any blurring that may come about as a result of camera shake. In the intelligent IS mode, you can choose whichever setting you are shooting, and the camera will automatically apply any corrections as necessary to ensure that the scene comes out looking exactly the way you intended.

Users of this camera say that they like the overall design and image quality offered by this camera. Of course, they also like the fact that this camera is rugged and built to withstand almost every part of life that you can photograph.

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Are you searching for the best Canon camera for beginners? If so, then you may want to consider one of these four options. Each of them is laden with many different features certain to provide you with several years of high-quality use until you feel comfortable learning the manual controls—at which time you can test out your skills in manual mode on these devices or simply upgrade your camera.